We are Gravity


Gravity Trading International was formed by the passion of lighting spaces through sustainable design. With a team highly educated lighting specialists with vast experience in the fields of product design and construction, our team can communicate with the different players in the market; owners, project developers, architects, consultants, MEP consultants and installers. Along the way, Gravity has expanded its product line to include furniture & other building materials and has emerged as a leading furniture supplier in Dubai.


Why choose our services?

We offer products in furniture, lighting and unique material finishes. We recognize our responsibility as editors, taking international trends and directions and returning with only the richest tapestry of quality and design on offer. We source our products from all corners of the globe including U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan and the U.S. Indeed, our absolutely glittering business acumen makes us a trustable furniture supplier in Dubai.

Whilst we are rightly perceived as a ‘high-end’ provider of unquestionable quality, we also strive to find honest and original design that is produced ethically, with an environmental and moral conscience in recognized and established markets that are competitive in price. Our ability to provide distinguished furniture has own us the coveted credibility as a furniture supplier in Dubai.

Want to know more?

Great Ideas

At Gravity, we follow strategies based on detailed planning and designing, aiming at the most satisfying operational and aesthetical results

Clean Design

Upholding the fundamental design principle, “form follows function”, we as a reliable furniture supplier in Dubai can assure you that our products serve their purpose while maintaining their performance and high aesthetics.

Outstanding Support

Our experts can recommend high quality products satisfying the technical requirements and the budget of our customer. Our dedicated customer service and after sales service also ensures an overall rewarding experience for our clientele.

Ready to Go

We are always on the look-out and are constantly growing our catalog to offer you a wealth of fresh ideas and new finds each time you visit. Thanks for letting us be part of your journey!