Concrete - Lighter than you think!

This is a GREEN product

Modern Concrete Panels

  • No special installation system required
  • Drywall compatible
  • High quality mineral composite, lighter than standard concrete
  • Realistic structure
  • Easy to cut to proper dimensions
  • Low VOC

Modern Decorative concrete tiles have always been associated with massive weight and complicated system of installation. With a fresh look as these panels perfectly image the structure of concrete. These decorative panels are characterized by their unique design which brings a lot of character, simplicity and rawness as well as sophisticated elegance which is perfect for every interior, no matter what the style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use industrial materials. Concrete is an obvious choice and in recent months we have witnessed a huge rise in the use of concrete in interior design. Many designers are now using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it would seem that there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material.

Color Options

Ivory White
Ivory White

Dove Grey
Dove Grey

Stone Grey
Stone Grey

“It seems to be really possible to consider concrete as a reconstructed stone, worthy of being exposed in its natural state.”

– Le Corbusier